Parents, YOU are a very important part of your child’s future success!

By taking the time to learn about college planning and how to pay for college, you are helping your child get to college. By working together and searching smart, you can turn a college dream into a reality.

  1. Help Your Child Make a Plan 
    Help your child take the steps needed to get closer to that college degree.
  2. Encourage Your Child to Discover College and Careers
    What does your child like to do? A hobby could become a career later.
  3. Find the Money
    Discover ways you can start saving and finding money for college.

Visit us at cafécollege at 131 El Paso St. for more information on how YOU can be an instrument in your child’s college access and success!

Cafecollege is all-virtual for a while!

We want to keep our students and our staff safe, so cafecollege will be closed to the public starting Tuesday, January 18th. Advising services will be exclusively virtual for the time being. Please make a virtual appointment by clicking an advisor name below,  find an available time slot via Calendly, and confirm.