Career Exploration

While our advisors don’t assist with work resumes, internships, job search, or career placement, we do have some helpful links and resources listed below.

Middle & High School Students

Middle School Students

Middle school students can play this space-themed game to learn about endorsement options in high school and beyond.

High School Students

High school students choose an endorsement that allows them to take courses in areas of interest. It’s like a college major, where a student can learn more about a particular subject area. Students are required to complete a certain number of courses to earn credit toward their endorsement. These courses often count as electives.

Colleges & Majors

Students may have a subject that is an area of interest, strength, and passion for them. From there, students can find career fields that match those qualities, in order to determine a college major, as well as narrow down colleges and universities that offer that type of degree program.


Internships, job shadowing, and volunteer work are great ways to learn more about a career that may interest you, that also provide experience to include in your resume.


You’ve served your country, now you’re ready for a new challenge. This resource can assist with finding civilian careers similar to your experience from a military job.

Videos & More Info

Here are more resources to help you decide on a career path.