Challenge Yourself

1- Go to school. Absences lead to low grades!
2- Sign up for college credit courses (Dual Credit) for your Junior year!
3- Take the tough classes.
4- Participate in after school, extracurricular, and volunteer activities!
5- Be a leader! Go for student council, class president, and leadership positions.
6- Take the Accuplacer test!
7- Study and Prepare for the PSAT
8- Take the PSAT in Fall of your Junior year—high scores can qualify you for recognition and scholarships!
9- Study for SAT
10- Take the SAT in Spring

Learn The Language. Take The Courses.
Study Smart To Make Good Grades.
Get Involved!

Read what you like and write what you want: it can pay off big in the future.

Writing well means getting your thoughtsideas, and facts across in simple and clear language. This skill can not only help get you into college but can also lead to better jobs and pay! You NEED to keep in mind that…

  • Both the ACT and SAT have writing requirements.
  • Colleges use these scores to assess your writing skills.
  • Colleges use the college essay to see how well you write.
  • A great application essay is your ticket into a college or university.
  • Solid writing skills are necessary!
  • Reading every day can help you develop excellent writing skills.

So, what can you do now to become a better writer? It's simple!

Write what YOU want!

  • Keep a journal
  • Keep a blog
  • Keep a scrapbook journal
  • Write letters
  • Write e-mails to friends
  • Write poetry, lyrics, or a short story

Read what YOU want!

  • Newspapers
  • Sports magazines, fashion magazines
  • Books
  • Manga
  • Comic books
  • Poetry
  • Short stories

Graduation is just around the corner. Learn what you need to do to get ahead and graduate on time!