Our Story

Our Mission


Create college opportunities,

access, and success for our community.

Our Vision 


Help students enroll in college

and earn a college degree and/or


Our Core Values








The San Antonio Education Partnership has helped the San Antonio Community for nearly 30 years by making a difference in the lives to thousands of students and family members across San Antonio, by providing millions of dollars in scholarships and services.

In 2006, then-Mayor Castro, along with various San Antonio Community members came together to form Dr. Manuel P. Berrizobal cafécollege.  Since opening its doors in  2006, cafécollege in conjunction with the San Antonio Education Partnership, have helped over 53,900 students and counting.

 Recently cafécollege became the site of a new program, UPGRADE. The goal of UPGRADE is to assist the adult population who have attended college and have some college credit(s) but have not yet completed their degree.

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