Freshman Checklist 

Use this checklist to make the right decisions for high school and get on track for college.

[  ] Visit college campuses.
[  ] Make a diploma plan with your counselor.
[  ] Talk to your counselor/mentor about your college plans.
[  ] Get to know your teachers.
[  ] Take tough classes. Colleges are looking for honors or AP classes.
[  ] Choose electives that will help you learn about your interests.
[  ] Participate in academic enrichment programs—PREP, Pentathlon, Decathlon, AVID.
[  ] Keep a folder of your accomplishments

1- Awards

2- Certificates

3- Community Service Hours

4- Job shadowing and internships letters of participation

[  ] Get a Reality Check! Check out which careers will pay for your lifestyle.
[  ] Build your personalized career plan, develop your resume, and research college and universities.
[  ] Retake your Learning Style Quiz. Your learning style changes and grows.
[  ] Prepare for the PSAT.
[  ] Work hard to create and keep a high GPA!  Make sure you’re doing your homework!