Senior Checklist draft

Graduation is just around the corner, but watch out for Senioritis! There’s still a lot to get done. You MUST keep track of all deadlines, apply to colleges, get your financial aid done, and most importantly, stay on top of things in order to graduate!

Sound like a lot to keep track of? Don’t panic! Stay on track by clicking on the sections here and take a deep breath. You’re almost there.

  • Explore Careers and earning potential
  • Research colleges
  • What to look for:
    • Admissions requirements
    • Graduation rate
    • Application Deadline
    • School demographics
    • Majors/degree programs

  • Research Scholarships
  • Add application deadlines to your calendar
  • Register for SAT and/or ACT
  • Start Building Your Résumé
  • Community Service
  • Employment/Internships

Write The College Essay

College Preparation Goals

Time Management: Manage Your Priorities

Participate in Internships

Investigate Job Shadowing