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Learn More to Earn More

Continuing your education is the best choice for your future!

•56% of all jobs available today require at least some college.
•80% of the fastest growing jobs require education past high school.
•Dropping out of high school makes it harder to find a job and earn money.
•A college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree makes at least twice as much as someone who doesn’t finish high school.

Still not convinced? Consider this!

Average Annual and Hourly Salary Based on Education Attained 


Education Level Hourly Rate Annual Salary
No High School diploma $ 9.84 $18,900
High School Diploma $13.49


Some College $16.25 $31,200
Associate’s Degree $17.19 $33,000
Bachelor’s Degree $23.65 $45,400
Master’s Degree $28.39 $54,500
Doctoral Degree $42.40


Professional Degree $51.72 $99,300

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Surveys, March 1998, 1999, and 2000.


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